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Voted Best Wine Shop by Philadelphia Magazine Best of The Shore 2010

Recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2012 & 2013

The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Approximately 10 percent of accommodations listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award.

To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.

Turdo Vineyards is pleased to announce that all our wines have been awarded the QWA designation, which stands for Quality Wine Aliance. The QWA is a program already in use in Italy and France, and instituted in New Jersey in 1999. It insures that all wines sold to consumers meet or exceed set quality standards.



All TURIS wines have received numberous medals from multiple domestic and international competitions which include:

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

A record number of entries vied for awards in the 10th Annual Finger Lakes International Wine Competions in March, 2010. The competition, which benefits Camp Good Days and Special Times, drew more than 2,900 wines. Officials said this is the first competition in the world to feature wines from all 50 states. In addition, nine Canadian provinces and 13 other countries, including Italy, France, Spain and Australia are represented. National and internation judges tasted the wines from Riedel glassware and judging was double blind. Among the judges were distributors, educators, enologists, sommeliers, restaurateurs, winemakers and writers.


2010    Barbera - (Gold Medal)

2010    Nero D'Avola - (Silver Medal)

2009    Nero D'Avola - (Silver Medal)
2008    Sangiovese - (Silver Medal)
2008    Nebbiolo - (Bronze Medal)


Pacific Rim International Wine Competition

Held at the National Orange Show Event Center in Southern California, this annual competition has been setting standards for judging of fine wines since 1985. The Competition is a two-day event held in April where they collect thirty wine professionals who conduct a blind evaluation of about two thousand wines, from wineries in North and South America, New Zealand and Austrailia.

2008    Dolcetto - (Silver Medal)
2008    Nero D'Avola - (Bronze Medal)
2007    Nebbiolo - (Silver Medal)

Indiana International Wine Competition

The INDY is the largest scientifically organized and independent wine competition in the United States, the world's largest wine market. Nearly 3,000 entries from 15 countries and 40 US states will be evaluated by a panel of 50 distinguished judges. Wine writers and winemakers, winegrowers and enologists, chefs and sommeliers, wine distributors, retailers and consumers meet every year in the heart of America for this competition.

2010    Barbera - (Gold Medal)

2010    Sangiovese - (Silver Medal)

2010    Nero D'Avola - (Silver Medal)

2009    Cabernet Sauvignon - (Silver Medal)

2009    Nero D'Avola - (Silver Medal)

2007    Barbera - (Double Gold)

2006    Nebbiolo - (Silver Medal)

2010 ROSSO DiLuca - (Gold Medal)


International Eastern Wine Competition

One of the oldest and largest competitions in the United States, this event is held each May in the Finger Lakes region of New York, topping over 2,200 entries in recent years with wines from 16 countries and 34 states. The IEWC has earned a well-justified reputation for the quality of its organization, judgments and awards. Wines in any given flight may be entered from around the world. Judges are wine-knowledgeable professionals, media specialists and winemakers who represent major east coast markets from Miami to Toronto. Bronze medals require a unanimous panel vote for bronze, so any winning medals in the IEWC are worthy of merit.

2008     Nero D'Avola - (Silver Medal)
2007     Nebbiolo - (Silver Medal)



NJ Wine Growers Association Annual Wine Competition

2009   Moscato - (Bronze Medal)
2009   Barbera - (Silver Medal)
2006   Cabernet Sauvignon - (Bronze Medal)
2005   Moscato - (Bronze Medal)
2005   Syrah - (Silver Medal)
2005   Cabernet Sauvignon - (Gold Medal)
2004   Rubino (Ruby Port) - (Silver Medal)
2004   Cabernet Sauvignon - (Bronze Medal)
2004   Sangiovese - (Bronze Medal)
2004   Moscato - (Gold Medal)
2004   Pinot Grigio - (Bronze Medal)
2003   Sauvignon Blanc - (Silver Medal)
2003   Cabernet Sauvignon - (Silver Medal)
2003   Merlot - (Silver Medal)
2003   Nostrano - (Bronze Medal) 
2003   Moscato - (Bronze Medal)
2003   Pinot Grigio - (Bronze Medal)

San Francisco International Wine Competition

The largest, most influential international wine competition in America. It is judged by a prestigious panel of nationally recognized wine experts, who evaluated over 4,500 wines from 20 states and 30 countries. Judging is based on a blind, consensual procedure, ensuring competitive integrity as it remains the nation's most respected wine competition.

2008    Nebbiolo - (Silver Medal)


San Francisco International Wine Label Competition

This Label Competition recognizes excellence in label design in the wine industry. Professional judges have select winning designs for their high artistic merit and brand enhancing communicative qualities.

Label Series:

BIANCO, ROSA & ROSSO DiLuca  - (Bronze Medal)


Individual Label:

BIANCO    DiLuca - Albarino - (Bronze Medal)
ROSA        DiLuca - (Bronze Medal)


Taster's Guild International Wine Competition

Approximately 2,000 wines are annually entered from over 15 countries and 30 states/provinces in this professionally conducted wine judging. The TASTERS GUILD panel of consumer-oriented judges is composed of eminently qualified individuals with extensive experience in tasting and judging vinifera, labrusca and hybrid grape varieties. Judges include wine writers, retailers, wholesalers, educators, restaurateurs, winemakers, and experienced consumers from around the country.

2012    Barbera - (Silver Medal)

2011    Barbera - (Silver Medal)

2010    Persara - (Gold Medal)
2010    Dolcetto - (Silver Medal)

2008    Nebbiolo - (Double Gold)

2012    BIANCO DiLuca - Albarino - (Bronze Medal)

2011    BIANCO DiLuca - Albarino - (Silver Medal)

2010    ROSSO DiLuca - (Silver Medal)

2009    ROSSO DiLuca - (Silver Medal)



Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

The Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association (ASWA) is one of the oldest wine organizations located on the East Coast. Established in 1973 as the Vinifera Wine Growers Association (VWGA), it was an early supporter of planting world-class Vinifera wine grapes, the production of quality commercial wines, and the building of a wine industry along the Eastern seaboard. Today, the ASWA is a national and international wine trade association that works with state and national legislatures to resolve issues that challenge the U.S. wine industry.

All eastern wineries producing grape wines, including Native American, French Hybrid and Vinifera, are invited to submit entries to the competition. The 17 eastern wine states eligible for this competition. Judges representing all facets of the wine industry, performed blind tastings to select Best of Show, Best of Category, Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

2010   Sangiovese - (Silver Medal)

2010   Persara - (Silver Medal)

2010   Barbera - (Gold Medal)

2009   Sangiovese - (Silver Medal)

2009   Persara - (Silver Medal)

2009   Merlot - (Gold Medal)

2008   Merlot - (Silver Medal)

2008   Nebbiolo - (Bronze Medal)

2008    Barbera - (Bronze Medal)

2008    Dolcetto - (Bronze Medal)
2007    Barbera - (Silver Medal)
2007    Nero D'Avola - (Bronze Medal)
2007    Dolcetto - (Bronze Medal)
2007    Nebbiolo - (Bronze Medal)
2007    Sangiovese - (Silver Medal)
2006    Syrah - (Silver Medal)
2005    Merlot - (Silver Medal)
2005    Barbera - (Bronze Medal)
2005    Cabernet Sauvignon- (Bronze Medal)
2004    Cabernet Sauvignon- (Bronze Medal)

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